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Why Choose Humkar?

Mission in financial and corporate Sector

  • We provide services in the following sectors to individuals and organizations: 1-Bookkeeping 2-Financial services (including financial statements) 3- Accounting 4-Auditing 5-Tax returns 6-Business Plans 7- Business Policies 8-Internal Controls 9-Economics 10-Statistics 11-Mathematics 12-Engineering 13-Programming 14-Training [IFRS & GAAP] To provide greater choice in the professional services market.
  • To deliver a seamless and consistently high quality service at every point of delivery.
  • To ensure that our Firm’s talented professionals enjoy a stimulating working environment that is both motivating and distinctive.
  • To be recognized as a leading brand with international scope and as the market leader at partnering clients and each other for mutual success.



Mission in Education sector

Humkar is the leading consultancy services as well as education advisory in South Asia and Africa. With an unrivalled reach into the China, Russia, Eastern Europe, UK, Malaysia, Pakistan, Canada and US college and university network, we assist clients from different parts of the world to explore their maximum potential and gain access to best education—by entering top schools, colleges and universities. Humkar Consultancy Services stands on the foundation of optimum quality. With large and expert team of education consultants across the globe and being official representative of numerous colleges and universities, we are pleased to offer professional advice that puts our esteemed clients at the center of the process. We work closely with clients at every phase of their academic journey. Our highly dedicated team offer personalized approach and tailored support to clients. Our main office is located in Pakistan. We got education consultants in different parts of the world including: UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, Philippines, China, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya and Afghanistan. Humkar is a proud representative of several universities in Russia and China as well as other developed countries.

Our Core Features

100% Success Rate

7,000+ Admissions Obtained

Fastest Processing Times

Track Record

Money Back Guarantee

 Client Prequalification

Experience & Expertise

Embassy Specialists

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Personal Service

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  • Unwavering commitment to quality.
  • Integrity and honesty.
  • Independence.
  • Trust.

People and values

  • Humkar consultancy services’ primary EVP is that “relationships and respect matter”: those we build with clients and those we foster internally with colleagues and employees. By focusing on our EVP attributes, we can ensure that we are placing the right people in the right environment, resulting in exceptional client service.

    1.  Respect and care 

    2.  Unwavering commitment to quality

    3.  Integrity and honesty

    4.  Independence

    5.  Trust


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